Wednesday, May 27, 2015

St. Moses the Black on Our National Sport

This story has been handed down from the 5th century.

 In a famous skete, a monk committed a sin.  The Abbots came together to judge him.  They also invited Abbot Moses the Ethiopian.  He didn't want to come.  The presiding Abbot invited him, saying, "Please come.  All the Abbots are waiting for you."

Abbot Moses filled up a leaking straw bag with sand, placed it on his shoulder and went on his way to the meeting.

The Abbots had great respect for Abbot Moses.  As soon as they were informed of his arrival, they rushed to welcome him.  But when they saw Abbot Moses carrying that strange load, they asked him in surprise, "What is this, father?"

Abbot Moses replied, "These are my sins.  I can't see them, because they slide behind me.  Even though I carry this load, I come here to judge other's sins."

The Abbots, hearing these words, understood their meaning.  They forgave the monk without judging him.

I came across this story in the small volume compiled by George Kalpouzos, How They Faced the Temptations of the Flesh (Fotodotes: Athens, GR, nd).

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