Friday, December 5, 2014

Pictures of Reconciliation and Joy

Wounds heal.
Hearts change.
Love blossoms.
Joy returns.
'Nothing touches the tired spot,' Abraham Lincoln said when bowed down by the terrible burden of leading the country during the Civil War.
But even the darkest night give way to the light of morning.
Repentance can lead to reconciliation.
Love can be reborn.
Joy can heal a broken heart.
Here are some pictures that evoke these things for me.

The woman caught in adultery
He/she who is without sin is welcome to cast the first stone.

Remember me, Lord, in Your Kingdom.

She washed Jesus feet with her tears.

We have been given the Ministry of Reconciliation.

John Paul II meeting with and forgiving Mehmet Ali Agca

The Sacrament of Repentance

'Reconciliation', outside Coventry Cathedral (UK)

Tears of joy come when things are right.

It is a great gift to grow old together,

And to see the joy of one's children.

and to die in the knowledge that you are loved.

All's well that ends well :-)!

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