Friday, August 8, 2014

Where's My Water Buffalo?

Forgive me. My children grew up in the age of 'Veggie Tales' and I managed to memorize just about every 'Silly Song' that made it to video tape.

So when I saw this picture this morning:

Contestant competes during the 'Mekepung', a traditional water buffalo race in Negara, Bali, Indonesia.
it all came rushing back; the 'it' being endless Veggie Tales, including the famous (among VT aficionados) 'Silly Songs by Larry', of which 'The Water Buffalo Song' was the first and quite possibly the most silly.  Yes it is as bad as I remembered it to be, bad enough to make it a classic.  You can watch Larry the Cucumber sing 'The Water Buffalo Song' here.

And in the meantime, here are some more exciting water buffalo race pictures.  Makes me just want to run out there and decorate my water buffalo, hitch up my wagon and head to the races!

Who knew a water buffalo could move so fast!  Where is Alfred the Asparagus when you need him?

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