Tuesday, March 18, 2014

When Headlines Become Personal

‘Terrorist takeover of Kenyan Mall’ takes on a whole new meaning if one just happened to have coffee at a café in that very mall a few months before.

‘Revolution in Ukraine’ and ‘Russia takes over Crimea’ resonates much more deeply if one just happens to attend a Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Virginia.

‘Egyptian Coptic Christians Face Persecution’ if one just happens to have Egyptian Coptic friends in Nairobi.

‘Turkish Christians Arrested in Izmir’ hits very close to home if it just so happens that the church that was raided was one that I preached at.

‘Beijing Pollution Obscures Skyline’ becomes all the more alarming if one’s daughter just so happens to be planning on visiting Beijing in the near future.

‘Deteriorating Security Situation in Afghanistan [or Iraq]’ gets one’s attention if one’s possible future job might require a posting in one or the other.

‘Poaching Decimates African Elephant Populations’ has a visceral impact if it just so happens one lives 8 miles from the elephant orphanage that tries to save babies left to die left by poachers.

‘Climate Change Expands Malaria Mosquito Range’ is alarming if one so happens to catch malaria whilst living in Nairobi in what was always before a malaria-free zone.

‘Conservative American Christians Back Israel’ makes little sense when a significant minority of Palestinians are Orthodox Christians and are being persecuted by both Jews and Muslims. 

‘Virginia Beats Duke for ACC Championship, Given #1 Seed in NCAA Tournament’ reads differently when one is both a Duke grad and father of Daughters who are both UVA grads.


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