Saturday, November 2, 2013

Runner’s Log #8 – Rest, Please

Ok, so it is really strange for it to be a Saturday morning and me not out running on some country road somewhere.  I took some extra hours at my part-time job this morning, and on my way in to work at the Y I passed a group of women joggers dressed like department store Christmas trees in all their reflective gear headed in the opposite direction out of town, and I felt ENVY, JEALOUSY, and an INEXPLICABLE DESIRE to be out on the road in the dark and cold, too.  This running stuff has really gone to my head.

The good news is that my doctor has said my injury is not life threatening.  He even thinks I should be able to run in Richmond.  No tendon snaps, no ligament damage; I’ve likely strained my popliteus muscle, just as I suspected.  And the prescription is rest.  A week off from running.  And actually, the pain is gone.  I can still feel it, and it feels a bit tight or stretched; and if I twist the wrong way I get a complaint.  But this is a huge improvement from Thursday.

I think this enforced week of rest is a very good thing for me, because otherwise I might undo myself completely. My cumulative distance for the week before the back of my knee said ‘No more!’ was just insane – 52 miles.  And overdoing it is one of the chief causes of this kind of injury, and it was probably setting me up for something even worse.  So I’m glad for the doctor’s orders.  But how much will taking a week off two weeks away from my marathon affect me on race day?  I guess I will find out.  Actually I’m hoping I will have the privilege of finding out…  I will start back slowly on this coming Wednesday and hope everything works.

TWO WEEKS to go!

 In the meantime, I’ll keep doing my weight training, and I’ve noticed that I’m still eating as if I’m running 40-50 miles a week.  And I will resist the urge to hurl myself out of the car and onto the pavement every time I see someone jogging by. 

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