Saturday, November 9, 2013

Runner's Log #10 - My Life Is Carb Loading

My life is carb loading these days.  I have always had a difficult time saying no to food, but this is ridiculous.  A switch has been thrown in my brain somewhere, the one that says ‘Eat all things at all times.’  As I write this, the remains of a Venti Café au lait and a cranberry orange scone occupy the part of the table not taken up by my laptop and elbows.  This follows the container of dried fruit I consumed in the car that I bought with the apple pie and pumpkin pie I bought in hopes of downing it later when I visit my daughter and son-in-law for dinner (which, hopefully, will also involve food).  And this follows the two apple cider donuts I bought as a consolation prize when an earlier stop at a farmer’s market turned up no apple pies.  Then there was lunch at McDonalds, which involved one of their combo meals.  I started the day off with a large cup of coffee laced with hot chocolate mix and a healthy serving of grapenuts and a banana.  This is crazy.

Even more crazy is that I have been laying off running for the week prior to Wednesday.  Since then I did a short run on Wednesday morning and a hard hour on the eliptical earlier today, all happily with no sign of the muscle strain I experienced about 10 days ago.

At different points over the past several months I have eaten an entire large pizza, consumed an entire bag of Lays potato chips, supersized my Wendy’s burger combo AND gotten a large frosty afterwards, and overdosed on an embarrassing amount of leftover Halloween candy.  And I still weigh less than I did when I arrived in Virginia from Kenya back in May.

I am back in the same territory I occupied as an 18 year old when I was consuming anything and everything and unable to gain weight to save my soul and grateful for a college cafeteria that was all-you-can-eat.  Only that was due to my hyper-racing metabolism.  My current appetite is due completely to the fact that I am pushing my body harder than it has ever been pushed.  And so it is hungry.  Really hungry.

After the upcoming marathon and after my weekly mileage totals are restored to the ‘old Bill’ levels, someone will have to inform my brain that these incessant food orgies are no longer necessary.  I’ve demonstrated to myself, at least, that I have the discipline to run a long way. But soon I’m going to need to refocus that discipline and persuade my brain and body that I really don’t need to eat quite that much.  The alternative, of course, is to keep running.

(To paraphrase:) So much food.  So little time.

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