Sunday, November 11, 2012

My First Orthodox Wedding

On Saturday, I traveled with a bus-full of fellow choir members from Nairobi's Sts. Anagyroi (Sts Cosmas and Damien) Church down to the Rift Valley town of Maai Mahiu (Kikuyu for 'hot water').  Our priest has been working over the past several years to establish a new congregation there.  They first met under a tree.  Then they constructed a tiny tin church.  And in the past year, a beautiful stone building has been erected and is close to being finished.  We got there with some time to spare.  I decided not to look at my watch and just flow with the event.  This gave me time to have good conversations, to explore, to take some pictures and to enjoy what was going on.  Below is a series of pictures that document my day.

Our bus arriving at the Maai Mahiu Church of St. Mary and St. Alexander

Ready for the wedding!

Fr. John, Monk and administrator at the Orthodox Seminary in Riruta/Nairobi

Daniel, primary school teacher and friend who is teaching me how to chant.

Fr. Innocentios, our parish priest and my spiritual father, with Titus our choir director

St. Mary and St. Alexander Church from a distance.  Note tiny tin Church on left.

Last minute choir rehersal

Me with Fr. John

Church with tents to shelter guests from the weather (sun, wind, rain - we had it all)

After the Betrothal, the Wedding liturgy begins.  Groom and Bride on the left.

Note the crowns, which is a Russian Orthodox tradition.  They also did garlands after the Greek manner.

And they did this which I had never seen before.  A brilliant use for a wedding dress train, if you ask me!

After the Liturgy comes the singing and dancing!

Me the Reader in the African Rift

The menu was Goat, Chicken, Beans, rice, Cabbage and Carrots, and a soda!

The little girl on the right is all dressed up for the special day!

Mission accomplished!  Our team getting ready for the trip back to Nairobi.

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